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Eagleeye All MCX Plan - In this Plan we provide recommendations Daily 4-5 good Call From MCX commodities in 3-5 lots i.e. Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc, Lead, Nickel, Aluminum, Crude and Natural gas by looking at important trends and levels so as to generate maximum profits for customers.
Eagleeye All MCX Plan is best package for High Risk Traders. In this Plan Customers Chance to get Profit Rs.20000-25000 on single on  intraday basis.

Service Package Pricing

Main Features

  • In This Plan We Provide You 4-5 Calls daily.
  • 1 Call In Gold Or Silver, 1 Call In Basemetal, 1 Call In Crude Oil, 1 Call In Natural Gas.
  • we provide tips on intraday basis.
  • Daily Basis You can earn Rs.40000-50000 Profit In 2 Lots
  • Eagleeye All MCX Plan Covered By Best Technology With Highest Intraday Accuracy.
  • You Will get proper Entry And Exit Via SMS/Messenger.
  • Active Client Support From 8:30 AM Till 11:55 PM.
  • Complete Support On Whats App & Direct Mobile Number Will be Provided.

Sample Calls

  • Eagleeye Research Call:Sell Mcx Gold At 30630-30650 Target-30530 SL-30750[Trade In 5 Lots]
  • Congrates!!! Sell Mcx Gold Successfully Target achived.Made Low- 30520 Net Profit- Rs.50000/-
  • Eagleeye Research Call:Buy Mcx Aluminium At 145.00-145.10 Target-146.10 SL-144.00 [Trade In 5 Lots]
  • Congrates!!! Buy Mcx Aluminium Successfully Target achived.Made High-146.30 Net Profit- Rs.25000/-
  • Eagleeye Research Call:Buy Mcx Crude Oil At 3905-3910 Target-3945 SL-3870[Trade In 5 Lots]
  • Congrates!!! Buy Mcx Crude oil Successfully Target achived.Made High-3947 Net Profit- Rs.17500/-

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